Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Step Four: Avert Your Eyes if You're Squeamish...

As warned, this is the part where I show you the pictures.  Oh, don't be a baby.  This is real life right here.  Just think, if you found yourself to be a member of The Donner Party, this would be a nice juicy steak.
As a recap, this was the original x-ray where Dr. V. showed me just how bad things were.

The day following surgery when he and Dr. W., his resident came down to see how I was, he showed me these pictures.  My wife had already requested copies, so I present them for your viewing.

These show the actual procedure in progress.  I'm not smart enough to figure what is what but you can see that they have cut open the knee and and are monkeying around with it.  I think it is cool how they use a tool to spread it all open.  What may not be apparent in the picture is that my skin is covered in a film of sort.  One of the big things they are trying to protect against is the spread of germs.  Everything is super sterile (though I'm pretty sure my man-nuggets were flapping around unprotected).
This is the hardware pretty much installed.  On the top part, you see the new metal or Titanium knee.  That nylon part makes it all work smoothly when I bend it.  You can also understand why my knee is was so swollen after the fact.

For those into specifics, the system used is the Stryker Triathlon knee.  And no, there is no expectation that I'll be running in a triathlon any time ever.

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