Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's Tile the Back Patio...

This house was pretty much move-in ready when we got here.  In other words, there was little to nothing that we really needed to do.  Oh sure, we had to create The Island with the fire pit, but for the most part, we could have just moved in and been completely happy.

And then we went to Floor and Decor.

Last weekend, along with the help of our son-in-law, Tyler the Tiler (our new name for him), we knocked out the patio, laying the tile on Saturday, then just grouting and cleaning up on Sunday.  My knees exclude me from the hard work of actually laying the tile, but I did my part by cutting the tile and handing the other two each piece.  All In all, great team work.
This was the starting point.  You'll notice that our house has Hardie siding on the back (the other three sides are brick), so we wanted to get a tile that would match well with the color.  I think it worked out.
We found the center lines and determined where we would need to make cuts, and from there, it was just a matter of getting started.  Our tiles are porcelain with a slight texture to the surface in case it gets wet so we can avoid somebody slipping.  We bought the 18" squares just becaseu that's what we have inside. It also made the job go much quicker. 
Half way done.  We purposely did one side first just because we wanted to keep the walk way to the back door open as long as possible.  Yea, call us lazy, but it worked.
Tyler makes sure the edges are perfect.  We bought a matching plastic edge that goes under the outside tiles so it looks clean and professional when looking at it from the yard.  It worked out very nicely.

On Sunday we got to work with the grout,  The color we chose matches the fake grout on the tile.  We got started early but really had to race before the sun came out to keep our bucket of grout from drying up.

In the end, the job came out great and though we were all exhausted, it was a great project for us.  And no, I'm afraid we won't be hiring out!

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